Cars are vehicles, or vessels that people use everyday

Cars range in price from economy pricing (10000 USD) all the way up into the millions of dollars for some hypercars.

Cars come in many shapes and sizes.

This blogs is simply about cars, and how people interact with cars on a daily basis and use cars as an instrument for their own, personal success.

Popular vehicles by country of manufacture:

  • United States
    • General Motors
      • Cadillac
      • Chevrolet
      • GMC
    • Ford
      • Ford
      • Lincoln
      • Mercury
  • Germany
    • Daimler
      • Mercedes-Benz
      • AMG
      • SMART
    • BMW
      • BMW
      • Rolls Royce
    • Volkswagen
      • Volkswagen
      • Audi
      • Porsche
      • Lamborghini

Here is a hyperlink to our favorite auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz 

Here is a file upload of what a typical service log for a vehicle looks like: 2002 Acura TL Service Log