This Student Used LinkedIn to Land a Remote Internship

International Business Student, Maksim Bolton, took some time to share tips on how he landed his remote internship during COVID-19. In addition to landing the internship he also shares some tips to avoid WFH burn-out. Read on to learn more about how Maksim took a non-traditional approach to landing this internship.









  Major/ Graduation year

 International Business (SCM concentration) / 2022

What organization is your internship with?

Mid-Atlantic Eurasia Business Council

What is your job function and what does it entail?

As an intern, I’ve helped write emails for several different marketing segments, create fliers for upcoming events, and reach out to partner organizations for the cross promotion of our sponsored events.

 What steps did you take to land this remote opportunity during Covid-19?

After not finding any remote internships I was particularly interested in on Handshake, I decided to reach out and connect with MAEBC’s president on LinkedIn. I had planned on applying there at some point during my time at Temple and now seemed perfect. After an informative phone call, I was offered an internship for Summer and Fall 2020.

What were some of the challenges you experienced and how did you overcome them?

As COVID-19 restrictions eased, I found myself getting more and more busy in my personal life and this inevitably interfered with my work. By being open and honest about these occurrences with my boss, I was able to overcome these challenges.

How do you manage to stay focused while you are working remotely?

It’s important to set time limits for yourself and not overwork yourself all day. By setting aside break time and avoiding burnout, it’s much easier to stay focused when working.

What’s the most important thing you have learned since starting your internship?

 I’ve learned that I’m more than capable of working remotely and will likely seek out opportunities for remote employment after graduation. I’ve heard many people who are currently working remotely saying that there’s no reason their job can’t be done remotely under normal conditions, so I’m predicting a considerable shift to remote working over the next few years.

Have you used the Temple University Career Center’s services and resources? If so, how did they help?

I reached out to someone at the Career Center and had an informal Zoom call with them in which they provided me with advice for moving forward after my initial internship had been cancelled. It was reassuring to have someone listen to my concerns and provide me with useful options for moving forward.

What piece of advice would you give to current students embarking on an internship/job search during this time?

While many opportunities are limited during this time, many more opportunities will inevitably arise in different fields. Keep an open mind and always be willing to learn.

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