Engineering Her Future At JBT Corporation

by ryan dawson, outreach specialist, temple university career center

JBT Corporation is a long-standing, engineering and technology company that specializes in automation and self-driving, efficiency based machines and vehicles. Although they are a national company, JBT hosts a range of opportunities for Engineering, Computer Science, and Business majors, at their Chalfont, PA offices, just outside of Philadelphia. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with one of JBT’s new Field Systems Engineering interns, Olivia Webb, who was kind enough to share her experience with job searching through Temple, and finding a home with JBT Corporation…






Major/Graduation year: Mechanical Engineering December 2019

What organization is your job/internship with? JBT Corporation in Chalfont, PA

What is your job function, and what does that entail? Field Systems Engineer Intern

How did you find out about this opportunity, and what was the interview process like?

I met Alycia Hannum at the College of Engineering Career Fair. From there, I heard that the student organization SWE (Society of Women Engineers) was planning to attend JBT for a tour. I joined SWE so that I could attend and continue networking with JBT. From there the interview process was straightforward.

What internships, student organizations, or other activities the classroom have you participated in, and how have they assisted with your professional development to this point?

I had already received a Double BFA in painting and sculpture from BU and came to Temple University as a non-traditional student. Once I was on campus, I began working in the energy office as a student worker and joined SWE to gain access to career fairs and networking events that are exclusive to the organization.

What is the most important thing you have learned during your college experience as it relates to internships and jobs?

A number of courses (Machine theory, Robotics, Dynamic Systems, Heat transfer, mechanics of solids). I am actively using the knowledge from many of my courses.  Many students say that school teaches you how to learn and internships give you the opportunity to gain experience and learn new skills, but with JBT, I am actively using skills I gained in my coursework every day.

Have you used the Temple University Career Center’s services and resources, or attended events?

From my start at Temple, I have attended all but one of the engineering career fairs. I also attended some of the career development events like the job search and Networking talk with Leslie Silva.  I used The Career Center space for e-conference interview with JBT.  Additionally, any time companies are on campus giving information about paths to careers, I try to attend.

Did the Career Center assist you in any way in finding this internship, applying, interviewing, etc.?

I utilized the main career center to teleconference, set up by Leslie Silva.  Mike Madera has proofread my resume multiple times and provided key insight on job acceptance negotiation.

What piece of advice would you give to current students embarking on an internship/job search?

Start searching early. Even if you do not think you are qualified. It is hard to learn what companies you are interested in so taking time to narrow that down is important.  Long term persistence is important overall. If you start working on your search early, you have more time to find out what companies you DO NOT like.  Deduction is key.

Have you learned any valuable lessons about obtaining jobs/internships during your time at Temple?

Many companies do their hiring in the fall. Even for summer internships.  Meeting someone in person is so much more effective than applying online. I would not have been able to stand out unless I had been making it a point to meet Alycia (SWE tour/Fair attendance). Attending the career fairs out of curiosity at first was a major help. I would browse and learn about all companies before narrowing down the pool of companies that would be a good fit for my particular skill set.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

I am very impressed by how much opportunity and responsibility JBT has given me.  Compared to my last internship, they really invest their time into my thoughts and ideas and I feel like a valued member of the team. Training is helpful and consistent, but they test my understanding through responsibility and involvement.

In addition to Olivia’s internship experience, JBT Corporation hired several recent graduates this past year who are now working for JBT in full time roles:

  • Jon Wommer – Electrical Engineering
  • Kenny Rentz – Mechanical Engineering
  • Justin Goldman – Mechanical Engineering
  • Nick Brady – Information Science & Technology

Make sure to check out JBT Corporation on Handshake, or at the College of Engineering Fall Career Fair on October 3rd from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm or at their Rapid Resume Review table in the College of Engineering Lobby on October 1st from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm!

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