Owls Taking Flight at URBN Headquarters

This summer, Career Center staff traveled to the Navy Yard to visit four Temple students interning at the URBN Headquarters. URBN has a robust internship program with approximately 100 students from across the nation! Departments that host interns include photo studio, marketing, engineering, social media, video, styling, buying, merchandising & so much more! The internship program provides countless opportunities for interns when it comes to professional development & exposure to different aspects of the company. The URBN Internship program hosts Executive Chats with the CEO’s of each of their brands (Free People, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Nuuly),  and a variety of professional development workshops for new interns.

The deadline for URBN’s Summer 2020 internship program is November 11th.  You can review and apply for their internships by using Handshake!

From left to right: Anastasia Postolati – FOX 2020, Kate Goldinger – KLEIN 2022, Colin Best – TYLER 2020, Singley Risico – KLEIN 2021

These four owls took some time out of their schedule to share their thoughts on their URBN experience and how to land an internship.

Singley Risico – KLEIN 2021

Advertising Student, Singley Risico, shared some helpful tips on landing an internship. “Build. Your. Resume! Having a strong and aesthetically pleasing resume is entirely within your jurisdiction, so take control of that. Also find something that you’re passionate about and use that to help you stand out. Being in a club you barely attend or aren’t passionate about will do nothing for you. Every career move you make should have some correlation with your dream job, even if it’s a small connection. While you might be amazing at pumping out job/internship applications, building a network of people is also important. Applications can kind of feel like cold calling, but try to break these walls and put a face to your name through networking and building connections. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door!”

Kate Goldinger – KLEIN 2022

When asked about an important lesson she learned through her internship, Public Relations student, Kate Goldinger, shared, “I learned that it is important to utilize your team as each person has different skills and resources to help create the best end-product possible. Also, the more creativity the better. Asking others for their opinions or ideas can only help what you are working on and allow it to grow and expand into something great.”

Colin Best – TYLER 2020

Facilities Management student, Colin Best, explained more about how his internship relates to his coursework. “This internship has given me a firsthand look at how projects are managed start to finish and what kind of details go into these massive projects. I also have gained a better understanding of how teams might break down responsibilities for large scale projects.”

Anastasia Postolati – FOX 2020

Management Information Systems student, Anastasia Postolati, shared, “Do whatever it takes and be patient! If there is an internship or a job you want, talk to as many people as you can, do extensive research, and reach out, reach out, reach out! There is nothing wrong with making it known just how badly you want to work somewhere. If something is your true passion, go after it. In terms of being patient, I think it is important to understand that things happen when they do for a reason. Looking back now, I am actually glad I didn’t get this internship on my first try! I feel like I have so much more knowledge, experience, and drive today than I did a year ago.”

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