Beware of Fraudulent Emails About Jobs and Internships








All members of the Temple community should be aware of fraudulent emails being masked under Temple or Handshake email accounts. These emails often promise high paying jobs with minimal work required, such as picking up packages, running errands, or purchasing money orders. Here is a copy of the most recent email from Temple IT Security on this subject for your reference:

If you have any concern that you have received a fraudulent email please report it to IT Security and Do Not reply to the email. If you have questions or concerns about an email you have received the Career Center is always happy to help. Feel free to contact Kelly Hart or Erin Lemons at 215-204-7981.

Please note, the Career Center thoroughly vets both employers and career opportunities within the Handshake system. However, we highly encourage you to conduct your own research on the opportunities you apply for. Our online approval does not indicate endorsement of an employer, product, or service. Here are a few red flags of a potentially fraudulent job or internship:

  • The hourly pay seems “too good to be true” ($20.00+/hour)
  • The employer contacts you via text message, with no in-person contact
  • The employer claims to be “out of town/out of the country” and needs you to run errands for them
  • The employer asks you to send them money or offers to send you a check in advance of completing any work

If you have any questions or are concerned about any opportunities on Handshake, please contact the Career Center before applying.


The Temple University Career Center

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