Networking Helped This Owl Land His Internship

The Career Center recently connected with Klein School of Media and Communications, junior, Kevin Zabel about his past internship at the Brownstein Group. Read on to learn more about the unique way that Kevin landed his internship. Sometimes utilizing the people around you can pay off…

Kevin Zabel outside of his internship at the Brownstein Group

Major/Graduation year

  • Advertising / 2020

What organization is your internship with?

  • Brownstein Group

What semester did you do this internship?

  • Summer 2018

What is/was your job function, and what does a typical day entail?

  • I was an Account Management / New Business intern at an advertising agency in center city. I assisted the New Business team. Our main job is to be the first people in contact with new clients who reach out to the agency, and we facilitate the whole process of acquiring those companies. Each member of the New Business team also has their own accounts and clients that they work with on the side as well. A typical day would be working on my final project – a research project for a client – and to aid in various background research and compilation of the research into formal word documents.

How did you find out about this opportunity, and what was the interview process like?

  • I found out about this opportunity from a mentor. The interview process was fairly standard, but as I was studying abroad in Italy during the semester, that made it tricky for me. I knew that since I am young and wasn’t able to come for an in-person interview, these would be obstacles, so I set up an informational interview with the agency ahead of time. This way, they could see me in person before I left for Rome. The formal application started with a resume and cover letter submission, and I followed up with an online interview a while later, once the applicant pool was sifted through. Then, I heard a few weeks later that I was offered the internship.

How has your internship related to your course work?

  • This has been my first internship in a setting where I plan to work, and my classwork has provided me with nearly all the basic information that I needed to have in order to be an effective worker. I was able to see concepts I have learned about over and over in the classroom, and now I have finally seen them in action.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned during your internship/job experience?

  • This may be an unconventional way to answer the question, but the most important thing I’ve learned during my internship is that advertising really is the field that I want to go into when I am older. I started out at Temple as a marketing major but always longed for the creativity that came with advertising. I had more exposure to a business career setting in high school, with less exposure to a career like advertising, and now that I have seen it firsthand for an extended period of time, I can see that I made the right choice by switching majors.

What piece of advice would you give to current students embarking on an internship/job search?

  • If you are better in person than on paper, or just have a personality that draws people to you, then try to meet possible employers in person before they decide whether or not to hire you. People only can look so good on a resume, but great personalities stand out much more, and if employers interview someone that they genuinely like, they will want to hire them. So utilize your witty sense of humor or charming personality, because it could take you far.

Did the career center assist you in any way, whether it was identifying the opportunity, applying to it, interviewing for it, or preparing for it?

  • Yes, and although I was abroad while I needed to prepare for my application and interviews, I had a great friend in Rome with me who works as a Career Ambassador for the Career Center and she always was more than willing to help me with my resume and cover letters and anything in between. If I were on campus I would have happily gone to the career center for help, but luckily my friend was there to help.

Have you learned any valuable lessons about obtaining jobs/internships during your time at Temple?

  • One huge thing that I have learned during my time at Temple about obtaining jobs is that networking takes you extremely far, even farther than good grades. Networking is one of the main reasons to go to college, and it really leads to huge opportunities. Networking events, in particular, are always worth the effort to go because you have nothing to lose by going to events and meeting new people who are eager to learn and work hard. And possibly even help you out.

 Do you have a profile on Twitter and/or Instagram? If so, what are your usernames?

  • Twitter: @kevinzabel_
  • Instagram: @kevinzabel

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