This Owl Networked Her Way to Capitol Hill

Kimberly Burton scored an internship with the National Journalism Center that combined both her majors in Political Science and Journalism. This internship fueled both of her passions and allowed her to hone in her writing skills.  Read more to learn about Kimberly’s experience…

Kimberly Burton

Major/Graduation year: Journalism and Political Science, 2020

What organization is your internship with? National Journalism Center (placement at Newsmax)

What semester did you do this internship? Summer 2018

What is/was your job function, and what does a typical day entail?

As a National Journalism Center intern, I am placed at Newsmax under the Chief Political and White House Correspondent John Gizzi. I work with him four days a week, and I could be doing anything from interviewing individuals on Capitol Hill, attending meetings, writing articles, or even going to the White House. One day a week I attend special programming at the National Journalism Center offices where they bring in industry professionals to teach us about different aspects of journalism and communications.

How did you find out about this opportunity, and what was the interview process like?

I found out about this opportunity through an organization called Young America’s Foundation (YAF) which is the parent organization for NJC. I was attending a YAF conference last summer and I was able to speak with representatives from the organization.

After I applied, I was contacted about conducting an interview. I completed a phone interview and then heard back later on in the spring semester.

How has your internship related to your course work?

As a journalism and political science double major, it’s been really great to work in political journalism. I’ve been able to apply not only my research and writing skills from my journalism classes but also knowledge from my political science classes. I’m extremely interested in US government and also foreign relations so I’ve been able to cover both and meet individuals involved in both areas.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned during your internship/job experience?

I’ve learned a lot through course work, but the most important thing I’ve learned is how to improve my writing skills, network, etc. At my internship program, I participate in Friday seminar days at the headquarters, but I also took an optional long-form/investigative writing night class! All these things have definitely improved my skills in order to be a better journalist!

What piece of advice would you give to current students embarking on an internship/job search?

It can sometimes be hard to find an internship that fits your needs or career goals, but really searching and speaking with other people or attending events can help you find that dream internship.

Have you learned any valuable lessons about obtaining jobs/internships during your time at Temple?

I think the main things I’ve learned is the importance of internships since internships and real-life experience really make the difference between you and another student’s application/resume.

 Do you have a profile on Twitter and/or Instagram? If so, what are your usernames?

Twitter: @KimberlyBurton_

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