How This Alum Leveraged Internships to Launch His Career

We recently caught up with a 2015, School of Tourism Hospitality & Management (STHM) alumni, Jordan Goldberg. His current employer, Parker-Dewey offers interesting internship/gig opportunities to help students gain experience in the field they are pursuing.  Read more below for some helpful tips and learn how he was able to leverage his internships to start his career.

What were some valuable resources you used while you were at Temple that helped you find internships, and ultimately land a job after graduation?

While I was still a student I heavily relied on my school’s (STHM) Center for Student Professional Development to find internships and experiential learning opportunities. STHM’s job database was consistently updated with new and exciting internships in sports and hospitality, and they always notified us about opportunities to gain Industry Hours (we were required to completed 250 hours-worth of experiential learning.)

I also had a great relationship with the Assistant Director, Brandon Mayer, and he was able to connect me with the Director of Integrated Marketing at CBS Radio my junior year. After interviewing with CBS Radio, I was offered an internship with their Non-Traditional Revenue department helping sell and activate sponsorships for various Philadelphia events such as the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, the Broad Street Run, and the Stotesbury Cup Regatta to name a few. Since STHM requires students to complete an internship junior and senior year, CBS Radio extended an opportunity for me to return for my full-time senior internship in the same department.

What experiences did you find most valuable for your own career?

After graduating from Temple, I had no idea what I wanted to do and was still searching for opportunities when I came across an interesting company called Parker Dewey. It connects students and recent graduates with companies to complete short-term, paid projects, or what they called “Micro-Internships.” After completing eight projects through the platform, I had a number of interviews with companies, including one with Parker Dewey itself. Because of these experiences, I was able to provide examples of my skills and ultimately decided to take the position with Parker Dewey. I think that the variety of projects helped me understand my interests and take a role which I was excited about. In fact, I think this excitement is what helped me get promoted to the Director of Client Success in under a year.

Since transitioning from internships and school to a full-time position, what is the most valuable thing you learned?

During my college-to-career transition, I think the most valuable thing I learned was the importance of grit. This soft-skill cannot be taught in the classroom, but rather has to be developed over a period of time. Grit is one of the most sought-after attributes recruiters look for in potential hires today because it shows someone’s willingness to persevere in the face of adversity and speaks volumes about their character.

What advice do you have for current students that are about to make their career path?

Start looking for internship opportunities as early as possible. Do not wait until your senior year to start thinking about this because, by that time, you are miles behind those that started early and have already completed one or two internships. A great thing about my current company, Parker Dewey, is that the micro-internships we provide are available to students of all grade levels and can even be completed while you are taking classes or working.

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