Subaru of America & Temple University – A Match Made In Heaven (Cherry Hill/Camden)

This past August, the Career Center team crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge and traveled to the Cherry Hill offices of Subaru of America to visit our Temple interns! Subaru of America has a robust and unique internship program, beginning with 37.5 hours a week in May, and decreasing to 20 hours during the semester to give students a chance to participate in the role for a full year. This model allows students to engage in a larger variety of projects and gain valuable experience that will help them grow.

We enjoyed the opportunity to chat with and take photos of all of our interns from a variety of departments including Marketing, Engineering, and beyond. Students had really positive feedback about their experiences at Subaru and how it relates to their coursework.

Emily, a marketing major, stated, “I am a total ‘tech geek’, but I am also extremely into marketing.  It is awesome that I found an internship that allows me to do both.  In my internship, I needed to complete an analytical report to see how the retailer website program was effecting sales.  The report that I completed was exactly like a homework assignment that I did for my MIS class. “

While we toured the corporate office Subaru staff discussed their upcoming move to Camden, NJ which is anticipated in the coming months. This will bring their offices even closer to Temple’s campus! Temple is currently one of four major institutions where Subaru of America recruits for their internship program.

When asked about the caliber of Temple students, one manager said, “Temple students come in prepared and are able to adapt as needed. When problems arise they bring possible solutions to the table. Temple Owls are very versatile.”

We were able to speak to Emily a bit more about her overall experience at Subaru and how this process has helped her understand her career goals. “The most important thing that I learned was actually the direction that I wanted to go with my marketing degree after college.  I found the exact job position that I have been searching for at Subaru. Now, I know that I want to continue with Digital Marketing, and I can see myself working in Digital Marketing for my entire career,” Emily said.

Listen up Owls, Emily has some advice for those of you searching for internships this year, “I would definitely say keep an open mind.  If the job does not seem like “your style”, still apply.  Admittedly, I did not know a ton about cars before I started the job, but now I can rattle off a million facts, and I love learning about cars now.  That being said, I would recommend doing research on the company before the interview.  When I went to my interview and was asked “what I knew about the company” I remember spewing out a ton of facts!”

Emily and her peers are remaining in their internship roles at Subaru through the Fall and Spring, gaining valuable experience and networking! We are hopeful that a few Temple Owls will transition to full time roles at Subaru after graduation!

Subaru is already accepting applications for next year’s internships! Check out their active postings in the OwlNetwork by clicking here.

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