Resume/Cover Letter

Resume Format

  • Header 
    • Your name, phone number, address, and email address belong at the top of the resume.
  • Education
    • List your degree, major, and minor, the name and location of your school, and your graduation date. The most advanced degree should be listed first.
    • Be sure to include your certification areas.
  • Student Teaching and Field Experience (if it applies)
    • If you are earning your teaching certificate, you can list your Student Teaching and Field Experience. Make sure it is clear that these are pre-service teaching experiences and not professional teaching experiences.
    • State the school, location, and dates.
    • Include the facts of your teaching assignment such as the number of students you worked with each day, the number of students with IEP’s in your class, the grade levels and subjects you were responsible for.
  • Experience 
    • This section includes your paid and volunteer experiences in the field.
    • Describe experiences which demonstrate you can succeed in the position you are pursuing.
    • Format your descriptions about your accomplishments and experiences into bullets. Begin each bullet with a “power” verb that specifically describes the action that you took.
    • State what you did, how you did it, why you did it, and, if you can, the result.
  • On-Campus Involvement 
    • If you spent a considerable amount of time to an organization or activity on campus, write about your accomplishments and be able to relate them to the position you are pursuing.
    • Be sure to mention leadership and professional skills you developed as well as specific objectives you accomplished.
  • Skills/Honors & Accomplishments 
    • This section includes items that are indications of you excelling and distinguishing yourself.

Resume Style

  • The resume should be in chronological order by dates.
  • Be consistent with font size, margins, punctuation, bold, etc.
  • Don’t use smaller than a 10 pt. font or larger than a 12 point font.
  • Use a classic font like Times New Roman instead of Comic Sans.
  • One page resume is generally sufficient.
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