Dress Your Best 

Whether you are going to an interview, headed to a career fair, or meeting employers at a networking event, you want to always dress your best. How you dress can distinguish you as professional, prepared, and organized. Everything an employer wants! Here are some tips for what to wear and what NOT to wear.

  • Men 
    • Suit with a blazer, collared shirt, tie, and dress shoes.
    • Maintain facial hair and shave.
    • Avoid outrageous colors or patterns, such as neon or plaid; stick to classic colors like navy, black, gray.
    • Be sure to wear pants that fit appropriately at the waist and wear a belt.
  • Women
    • Wear a pant or skit suit with closed-toed professional shoes; heels over three inches are not recommended.
    • Make sure your top has an appropriate neckline and keep your appearance conservative.
    • Be cautious of the skirt length it should be no shorter than above the knee.
    • Avoid too many accessories or excessive makeup; simple is better.
  • Both Men and Women
    • Wear your hair professionally.
    • Avoid fragrant perfumes or cologne.
    • Bring a pad-folio or briefcase to organize and store documents.
    • Always iron your attire and make sure you are polished.
  • What NOT to Wear
    • Sneakers, flip-flops, or athletic shoes.
    • Jeans or shorts.
    • T-shirts or low-cut shirts.
    • A backpack.
    • Ill-fitting pants or skirts; clothes that are too tight.

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