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School: NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Level: Graduate
Team Size: 4
Team Advisor: Matt Maldonato


Member 1: Dan Szajngarten

Member 1 Bio: Dan works at an insurer, handling cyber claims and helping insureds respond to security incidents. In addition to pursuing a masters in cybersecurity, Dan has a law degree and served in the Marines.


Member 2: Chengying He

Member 2 Bio: Cybersecurity master’s student at NYU Tandon School. Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer at NYC Department of City Planning.


Member 3: Jeff Beazley

Member 3 Bio: For over 7 years, Jeff Beazley has provided practical and strategic cybersecurity services to clients. Jeff is pursuing a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity from NYU within the Cyber Fellows Program.


Member 4: Julio Nunez

Member 4 Bio: I’m Julio, an NYU Cyber Fellow that began the program in its inception back in 2018! I work as an Information Security Specialist in the financial industry, and I like to longboard in my spare time.