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The H-Town Goats

School: University of Houston
Level: Graduate
Team Size: 3
Team Advisor: Deniz Gurkan


Member 1: Landon Sams

Member 1 Bio: Enjoying learning every day even if I’m struggling, I’m still learning, I never give up on a problem. I like the digital forensics, social engineer, and infrastructure, of cybersecurity.


Member 2: Brian Zabeti

Member 2 Bio: An Innovator, Cybersecurity Architect, Full Stack Engineer, Multilingual Educator, and Student. Solution-oriented leader dedicated to building a better future for our communities.


Member 3: Richard Kan

Member 3 Bio: Showing a dedicated focus on the scripting side of IT, I enjoy learning every day, whether that is python, setting up virtual machines, or learning more powershell functions.