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Stanford Applied Cyber

School: Stanford University
Level: Undergraduate
Team Size: 4
Team Advisor: Alex Keller


Member 1: Cooper De’Nicola

Member 1 Bio: Cooper deNicola is a junior in Computer Science with a background in offensive tradecraft and physical security.


Member 2: Yasmine Mitchell

Member 2 Bio: Yasmine Mitchell is a sophomore in the Computer Science systems track with an interest in machine learning, convolutional neural networks, artificial Intelligence, and cybersecurity.


Member 3: Ayelet Drazen

Member 3 Bio: Ayelet Drazen is a senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Computer Science. Ayelet commands an astute academic background in ethics and criminal justice.


Member 4: Chandler Watson

Member 4 Bio: Chandler Watson is a senior and Mathematics major with expertise in deep learning and artificial intelligence. Chandler is in the starting lineup of both our CCDC and CPTC teams.