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Phish Sticks

School: TAMU/ASU
Level: Undergraduate
Team Size: 3
Team Advisor: Martin Carlisle


Member 1: Arjun Lalith

Member 1 Bio: I am a senior a Texas A&M studying Computer Engineering. I am the Vice President of the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club, and also works part time for Texas A&M’s Cyber response team.


Member 2: Matthew Merrill

Member 2 Bio: Matthew Merrill is a computer science senior focusing in cyber security at Arizona State University. I am a staff member of the ASU hacking club DevilSec. I have an interest in all things pentesting.


Member 3: Megi Bashi

Member 3 Bio: I am a junior student at Arizona State University, pursuing a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. I am a member of the DevilSec club at ASU with an interest in Incident Response and Vuln Mgmt.