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Night Owls


School: Temple University
Level: Undergraduate
Team Size: 4
Team Advisor: Mary Giraldo


Member 1: Mario Libohova

Member 1 Bio: Hello, my name is Mario, age 22, I am a Computer Science Student at Temple University. I aspire to become a Professional Ethical hacker and work in Cyber Security in the near future.


Member 2: Kasie-Elizabeth Madden

Member 2 Bio: I am working to achieve a degree in Computer Science with a certificate in Cyber Security. My goal after school is to work within the Cyber Security field to prevent and strategize against hackers.


Member 3: Stylianos Dimitriadis

Member 3 Bio: I am a senior IS&T student. I will be entering the Cybersecurity field this summer as an intern and look forward to a career beginning next year. I am inspired by family in the field and Ed. Snowden.


Member 4: Andrejs Celinskis

Member 4 Bio: Hello my name is Andrejs Celinskis, I am an Information Science and Technology Student. I am currently in the process of getting a Computer Security & Digital Forensics certificate at Temple.