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Data-driven ransomware incident response playbook

The CARE Lab, in collaboration with SentinelOne, invites incident responders, DFIR teams, CIO/CISOs and other professionals involved in handling ransomware cases, to participate in a study about decision making in such attacks.

Ransomware incidents are on the rise and we know that typical responses include: paying the ransom, negotiating with the ransomware group, not giving in to the ransom demand. But do we know which responses are used most often, and how effective these are? Currently there are no publicly-available data that can effectively address these questions, and these data are critical in developing a useful ransomware incident playbook that can be used by organizations worldwide.

This study seeks to develop a data-driven ransomware incident response playbook that not only offers organizations with a meaningful mechanism to make decisions should they be targeted, but also improve our overall understanding in current trends and how these may evolve over time.
The research team invites you to share your experiences through an anonymous 20-minute survey:

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This project has been approved by Temple University’s ethics board.