Last one.

I just realized that this may be the last History Class I take. When I started college 3+ years ago, I told myself that I would take only classes that I wanted to take. I wanted to major in history and I only wanted to take history and I would not fill it with BS. For the most part I did not do that. Almost every class I have ever taken I had some interest in it though. Yes the ones that were required were a little harder to take something that excites a late 30’s father of 3, but I somehow managed. It was nice to get to know a few of you from multiple classes and cool to see that either our interest align or schedules at least.

All of the classes though I have taken that were history related are the ones that I tried the hardest in. This is where the point of my final blog comes in. College for the most part is a scam. If we only took the classes that were in our major, we’d all have been done at least a year ago. I left Bucks County Community College with 54 credits. Of those 54, 21 credits were “required.” None of them were history classes. three of them were writing classes. I enjoyed them and the professor. I also took psychology, statistics and a microbiology class. The final required class was Public Speaking. I get it, some people are afraid to speak in large groups. My answer to this is “Grow up.” Only weirdos get all nervous when they have to communicate in public.

Young people today are always wanting “Free, Free, Free.” Free college, free Wi-Fi, free whatever. College should not be free. What college should be is not a scam. There is at least one of you in this class that will serve politically one day. Do not give kids college for free. If anything tell them they do not have to take a class called “Hollywood VS Geology: How Real are Disaster Movies?” I took it last semester. Do not get me wrong, it was interesting but it has zero to do with what I am paying the college to give me a degree in. So do future generations like my kids a favor and instead of making college free, make it so they pay for what they want.

I now know though that if the Meteor in “Armageddon” struck the Philadelphia Area and I lived in Bozeman Montana then the windows of my house would blow out and my trees would burst into flame 7 seconds after impact.

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