Blog 5: Full Speed Ahead

In an attempt to salvage as many points as possible during the dreaded finals week, here goes my attempt to catch up on blogs and talk about how my semester went.

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Week 5 was spent completing the baby-steps to historiography. This was a pretty fun assignment as it allowed me to explore author’s purpose and bias within historical books. I had the opportunity to see where they get authors with more renown gather their information and how they organization. I only needed a few of the books completed for the baby-steps activity and I finished the rest the following week. Most of my paper utilized books and I only ended up with a few articles to supplement them.

I had some issues originally with my sources as I relied heavily on the work of EA Wallis Budge published 100 years ago. As it turns out we cannot rely on the words of individuals from a century ago, especially as new breakthroughs in Egyptology were being released within the year. So I decided to utilized Budge’s work for it’s merits as a primary source. The book actually acts as an interpretation of primary sources written during the age of Ancient Egypt like the Book of the Dead. So rather than utilizing Budge’s commentary, I just used his interpretations.

Book of the Dead - Wikipedia

Expect a few more of these soon!

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