Blog 12: Light at the end

I have been leaning a bit into the humor in my last couple of blogs to keep myself motivated. I like to laugh about everything in life as much as possible. I just feel like everyone is so negative around me so I try and look at the bright side and find humor in things others can’t. In this case I am laughing at how I put myself in a time crunch situation.

Week 12 tasked us with having a full draft revised. I did not even have a completed draft at this point. Admittedly I did not have a completed draft until around 1pm today. So I spent this week completing assignments for other classes. I took an Imperialism class with professor Ricketts, there was a lot of research papers for her class but the prompts were very broad. I found myself quickly asking and answering questions about much of the world like India, Haiti and France. I took a Modern World History class with professor Spodek and there were daily discussion boards to try and keep up with. I took a War and Peace class with professor Fischer who seemed young enough to be a grad student but I cannot remember. That class was pretty easy but it was a freshman level course so keeping up with the assignments was light work, not to discredit professor Fischer because I did learn a lot in the class. Finally I took Effective Use of Technology with professor Shapiro and this was my third attempt at the course so if I failed or withdrew than I would literally have to drop out of the college of Education, so staying ahead of that work was a priority.

I spent week 12 prioritizing and reprioritizing my work load and cutting into the work I was behind as much as possible. Hopefully my prioritizations pay off.

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