Blog 11: Maybe I can make it afterall

Jeez 25 minutes is cutting it a bit close huh? Completing assignments like this makes me feel like Indian Jones sliding under the closing door. I think it was that movie.

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Week 11 tasked us with completing our full draft which means it was time for me to get to work. I spent most of this week refining my introduction, conclusion, and historiographies. I could not conceptualize the idea of me meeting the word requirement for the assignment so I aimed to stretch these portions out as much as I could without filling it with BS. I am actually really satisfied with how my final paper turns out but determining the quality of my work has yet to come. I structured my paper in segments initially and I am not sure why because I usually don’t do that. By this I mean I included a lot of headings and subheadings. Jayne (bless her) gave me a last minute peer review and advised I remove that and lean more into a paper that flows. Ultimately it was my decision and getting rid of headings just seemed to be the move. So this blog goes out to all the headings and subheadings out there: thank you for telling me what comes next.

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