Mama Mia! Is this the last post?- Jackie ‘s week

As I type this post, The End by The Doors plays in my head. Dramatic? Maybe. Symbolic? absolutely.

I would like to start off by saying how damn proud I am of all of us for getting through this semester. Whether we went through difficult situations, challenging predicaments, or simple, everyday scenarios, we ultimately got through it together. The advice, help, and genuine connections I made with a bunch of people this semester truly helped me through the highs and lows, especially in this class. Researching and writing for the longest paper I have ever written was not easy. There were many days where motivation was low, and other days when life squeezed its way in between the stressors. COVID scares and crazy work schedules were also working against me this semester.

Although people say that life stopped when COVID hit, I would disagree! If anything, it accelerated life into a different form: anxiety. With someone who already suffers from anxiety, this semester’s school, work, family, friend, and life stressors piled up and even simple tasks were hard to focus on sometimes. Some days would fly by with productivity while others slugged along with writers block and distractions. With the weekly meet ups and emails searching for guidance and advice from Dr. Lowe, some of this anxiety could be relieved.

Throughout the first round of presentations, I was so impressed with everyone’s knowledge on their topics. Before I presented, I felt intimidated but excited to finally conclude one of the final steps in our Capstone process this semester. After presenting, I felt instant relief and pride for each and everyone who showed off their hard work and knowledge. I am just as excited to see the presentations this week! Cheers, everyone! We DID IT:)

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