Week Thirteen- This is the End

Week 13, Good God.

It really feels like this time would never come. About to graduate with my degree and fly into the world. I’ve been in school for the last nineteen years of my life, I’m not going to know what to do with myself.

All of the presentations this past week set the bar exceptionally high in regards to the quality of work on display, so I’ve spent much of this week planning out how I’m going to present this Wednesday. I am equal parts extremely excited and incredibly terrified to finally take the plunge. There’s a large part of me that doesn’t want to make the commitment of taking my project and saying “this is finished”, if I look hard enough there will always be more flaws I can root out.

In all, the past year has been indescribable. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit bitter about my last year and a half of college have been overwhelmed by Covid and everything else that’s happening. It’s been turbulent and full of unexpected hurdles, and I genuinely have no idea how I’m going to look back on it, nor process what it means. Despite having to leave campus and experience classes through a webcam, I’ve learned a lot about what I’m capable of and have enjoyed a lot of it; this class has been a highlight of that. Thank you to everyone who read my work and put up with my ramblings about the Dutch Republic.

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