When this baby hits 88mph…

That title is a reference to “Back to the Future” where Doc Brown tells Marty what happens when the DeLorean reaches 88 Mph. SPOILER ALERT: IT GOES BACK IN TIME. So I wish I had one of those right now. I am sure like everybody else, when we first start a semester we tell ourselves that we are going to keep on top of things, submit on time, and take part in all of the discussions no matter how mind numbing they can be sometimes.

Alas, it never really turns out that way. So what ends up happening is you are forced to dig yourself out of a hole. Despite your other classes, responsibilities and such you HAVE to get it all done. It sucks, but you have to chip away and get the things done in the order of which they were given. So technically I just hopped in my DeLorean, traveled back a few weeks and this is my missing Blog #3. That means I only have like 7 more to do I think, maybe more.

So if you are in the same boat as me, hop in, the “Flux Capacitor is…fluxing” and where we’re going (at least where I’m) we don’t need roads. Just extra time to get the stuff done that I should’ve gotten done already. I really hope at least one of you has seen this movie more than a few times to understand the jokes and references.

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