I really think the normal person would’ve said to themselves… “Hey, I am a little behind on my blogs. If I write 5 today, then everyone will blatantly notice that I am behind and did them all today. Maybe I will wait and do a few over the next few days and mix them in with everyone else.” Well folks, Joe Fonde does not care if you see that I did it all in one day. So I hope you enjoy reading the next 1200-2000 words on my struggle. I was 3 new blogs deep, when my 11-year-old plugged in her phone next to the computer. Apparently that was the proverbial “straw that broke the camels back.” The breaker popped, my computer shut down and I lost all three. I had started them in the morning and was going back to three separate windows open when i had different ideas to write. They each had fancy titles too. Not anymore.

So #5 was all about my outline. The use of an outline has been my crutch since I started college. Outlines were all the rage when I was in middle school. Kids would put them in fancy littler file holders with clear plastic covers. Title pages, troll stickers, the whole deal. We were cool, just like Zach Morris in Saved By the Bell. I did mention that middle school for me was before the original Jurassic Park came out. Whatever, we were cool. Well everyone else was cool. I had cheap parents.

My outlines were always right, and they helped in doing the paper later or studying for the test. Thing was, mine were usually folded and or crumpled into my bookbag, then handed in, probably late too. I told my mom it was because I did not have the file folder. I begged for the folder and finally my mother gave me one that was a leftover from my older sister. It was pink. All of my college failures have been successfully linked back to that day when I turned in my book report on Gary Paulsen’s “Hatchet” in a pink book report folder.

The outline I did for this paper is working for me, like they all have in the past. I am just behind everyone else in the paper itself.

See the source image
Like this, but pink. It was terrible.
See the source image
Still one of the coolest “boy” books out there. The audio version read by Peter Coyote is even better.

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