Week 4: A Steady Climb Back to Life

At this point I have formed such a strong connection with my research that I may have departed from life quite a bit and made my own journey into the afterlife (metaphorically of course and dramatic I know).

As mentioned in the title, I am attempting to catch up in all of my courses that I carelessly let myself fall behind in this is my steady climb back to life. Of course, catching up is a bit of a specialty of mine since I tend to get to that point around this time every semester. While my research has come along swimmingly up until this point, I am still having small doubts on my thesis. As I structure my drafts further I may shift my thesis to better serve by paper and with that my paper can better serve my thesis. I suppose in order to catch up to the blogs I should talk about the different steps we made as a class starting with week 4.

For week 4 we had to come up with a storyboard which was an exciting opportunity to finally figure out where my paper was supposed to go. I looked into my detailed and unorganized notes and found some structure to the ideas I was formulating. Utilizing the model that Professor Lowe gave us, I found that shifting these ideas into a structured format was rewarding (because using excel is a reward in and of itself). I am not going to show a picture of my storyboard because its not very pretty, so enjoy this comic strip of Garfield who kept coming up whenever I googled storyboards:

Anywho, stay tuned as I go more in depth with my collection of sources I have gathered and provide further updates on my research progress over the next few days. I have a lot of catching up to do but that’s the exciting part.

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