Week 6 and I am losing steam! Jackie’s Week

Wow. Here we are week 6 already! I am stunned. Honestly, this past week was filled with getting things turned in right on time. This was a week that was jam-packed with due dates and I was preparing to get extra work done so for my dad’s 60th birthday weekend, my mind could fully relax at home. Of course it didnt, but we all have high hopes- right?

This post happens to be so late on this rainy Sunday night because I just got home from the birthday weekend extravaganza (getting take out and having cannoli cake). The reason I bring this up is because it proves how much my mind has not been focused on my paper. Yes, I turned everything in on time and when I sit down to do these assignments, I feel fully motivated and super excited about my paper. But the moment I close my book for the night or switch over to writing another paper, my mind pushes this paper out of the way! Maybe it is because I am nervous about it or I am constantly doubting my abilities to write really well, but sometimes I truly feel stuck. It is nobody’s fault but mine, I know that, but it is so hard to swallow the procrastination sometimes and move along with the work!

For this upcoming assignment, I am actually super excited for the outline. I am an outline freak and I live to stay organized so doing that part of this week’s assignments will be fun, I think. The looming cloud over my head has been the thesis statement and 2 paragraphs. My mind is like a big bowl of alphabet soup sometimes- there are so many damn words up there but sometimes I cant form proper paragraphs! My brain is feeling like that right now so that is why this post is all over the place. Sorry about that. I have super high hopes for my thesis though! My topic inspires me to be a better and more thorough writer and researcher and I have to always recognize that people had it worse so I could have it better. That is the humbling reminder for this week. Once again, I am confident that we will all kick this paper’s ass and have fun doing it! The helpful and friendly energy that I get from everyone in this class proves to me that I am not alone in this process and we can all get through this together.

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