I do love the snow though…

So the last two weeks has been tough. We had the snow, which I absolutely love.  I really do.  People get on my case all of the time because I really enjoy shoveling, snow blowing, and all of that stuff.  What I do not enjoy though is the extra stuff that comes with the shoveling and the snow blowing. Cleaning out my shed to get to the snow blower.  That sucks.  Wheeling the snow blower from the shed across my backyard to my driveway.  That sucks too.  Getting started and realizing that the gas can is still all the way back in the shed.  Now I am getting mad.  Ok, I filled it, it starts, I am now ready to go.

First fifteen feet the shear pin breaks and I am only using one half of the auger blades, let’s keep going.  The thrower mechanism can not keep up with only one side of the auger running so it is clogging up an awful lot now.  I stop, clean it out and curse a few times. Now I got nothing.  It just stopped.  The engine is running fine, but now nothing.

Oh will you look at that I am now that guy.  The one in the middle of the snowstorm sitting in his half shoveled driveway, trying to do small engine repair, knowing full well that those pins and screws I am taking out are not going to be easy to find when they fall in the snow.  I stomp in the house to get a bowl to put the screws in, along with a couple tools and find out the power is out.  Actually it has been out for over an hour.

What I am getting at with this is I enjoy the snow.  I also enjoy writing papers.  The actual writing of the paper is like when the snow blower works and I am just moving along with my ski goggles on, listening to some Rolling Stones or Pre-Uber Political Bruce Springsteen. Like Born to Run Bruce Springsteen, That is how I feel when I am writing the paper, after all of the BS is done.  The stuff I am trying to do now, is the unenjoyable BS, like dragging that effing snow blower around only to find out that…oh yeah there they go.

I knocked over the bowl of screws and bolts.

I do love the snow though.

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