I like Connor’s Title

I would agree with Connor in that it has also been a light week for me in doing research.  I tried to do a bit when I thought my topic was going to be how and why veterans chose their professions.  Then a good point was brought up that if I did all veterans, then I would have to do the research on what was available to returning vets at different times.  That was not something I thought about and it pretty much threw a hand grenade into my plans.

Like a typical Marine, I have improvised, adapted and overcame the problem—ish. I started to narrow down the topic into what veterans of my time are doing.  Those guys that came back from Iraq and Afghanistan are for the most part still trying to figure that out.  So I have decided to go with the ones that figured it out, did it and are now retiring.  I am almost positive that I am going to focus mainly on those returning from Vietnam.

I think this will work for me, because these veterans are the ones who came back and really needed to do something.  WW@ vets were treated like heroes and almost given jobs.  Same with Korean War vets.  The guys returning from an unpopular war had to go out and make something of themselves.  Much like the guys my age now that are still trying to figure that out.

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