Introduction to Israel Berrocal III

Hello! My name is Israel Berrocal III (he/him). I go by Izzy or Israel, which ever one works for you works for me. I am originally from Bristol Borough, PA, but now live in Bensalem, PA. I am a fifth year senior secondary education and history major. I have a wide range of intellectual interests. I enjoy collecting different things (board games, cards, paintings). I also enjoy learning about ancient, classical, and medieval history from around the world. The closer we get to now the less interested I am in history. I also enjoy reading, mostly science fiction but I also dabble in fantasy and nonfiction reads. If I could pick a third major it would probably be physics, and if I find myself having an easy time with my academics I like to learn more about physics. I just like learning new things in every faucet of my life. My undergraduate career has entirely consisted of Temple University and my goal is to graduate in the fall. My career goals are to secure the bag so to speak and live the life that I have planned for myself. I currently work as a salesman trying to get people to switch to a cleaner form of energy (if you haven’t yet than what are you doing?) and would not mind staying in this field if I find that working as a history teacher or as a historian do not work out. Eventually I would like to attend graduate school for history, education, or physics. However, if I have the time and the money than I would love to get a graduate degree in all three fields.

The topic I have kind of narrowed myself down into is Ancient Egypt. There is three fields I am considering right now: the manuscripts and hieroglyphics of Egypt, the death and immortality of Egyptians, or the way the political structure changes over time. If I am able to find a way to research more than one of these ideas but still keep a narrow focus I would love that. I plan to develop these topics further to see what the roadmap of exploration and research will look like. At that point I will narrow my focus into one idea and a thesis.

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  1. Izzy, what about combining some of the things you are interested in into one topic? Something like how did political structural change effect ideas about death (and immortality)?

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