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This week I worked on my 5000-word draft. I decided to include my historiography to get some peer feedback ahead of our writing retreat next week, because I intend to spend most of that time working to overhaul that section of my paper. The version of the historiography which I included with this week’s draft contained the revisions and edits which were recommended to me after its original submission some weeks ago. I was genuinely looking forward to this week’s peer review session as an opportunity to receive comments about my historiography, and as a way of finding new formatting and transition ideas by reading others’ historiographies. I came away from this week’s class confident that I could create a historiography that I was pleased with; something I couldn’t say about the version I submitted previously.

In the lead up to our class this week, my time was spent writing and preparing my 5000-word draft. In the days after our class, my work schedule has only allowed me time to review the comments my draft received, rather than letting me jump back into writing and revising. I think that this time off from full-on writing will serve as a valuable reset before the self-editing process begins in earnest.

I realized before our class on Wednesday that I had never reached out to the historian recommended to me by our professor. I had intended to email her the week before our spring break, but I apparently never sent it. I realized my mistake when I was going through my inbox looking for any response, only to find my initial email sitting in the drafts folder. I will be sure to include any response I receive in next week’s update post.

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