Research Blog #8 – Joseph Ganiszewski

This week I wrote a 2,500-word section of my paper’s initial draft. The process proved to be more of a struggle than I had been anticipating prior to sitting down and writing. This might also have been due to the time-off I took from doing schoolwork during last week’s spring break. Although I was initially able to crank out a hefty chunk of the expected 2,500 word-count, I hit a bit of a roadblock about 1,500 words in. In the end, I ended up with a section which totaled 2,712 words. In retrospect, this roadblock was mostly due to me not wanting to utilize any secondary sources in the sections I was writing, because the syllabus had specified that both this, and the next assignments were to be focused on the use of primary sources. I plan on using secondary sources throughout my next section to prevent running into this issue for next week’s assignment.

On the side of the ongoing research I have been conducting, I spent much of this week reviewing my notes on the lengthy Pacificus and Helvitius essays and selecting which sections to quote in my paper. As the week winds down, I have also been doing the same for some of my secondary sources. Because my time is split between school and work, my writing process has had to adapt. In the past, I was able to set aside blocks of time for writing, but my schedule this semester has not afforded me such opportunities. Instead I have been writing in bits and pieces: two paragraphs on a section of receipt paper, a page on the reverse of a handout from my German class, etc. Although this has proven challenging, I have found that the shake-up in process has helped keep my ideas feeling fresh.

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