Research Blog #6 – Joseph Ganiszewski

This week, I spent a lot of time researching and preparing my historiography assignment. I am not entirely confident that I did it correctly or in-line with the expectations of the course, but it is where most of my reserved time went this week.

I had to put aside my goal from last week (focusing on the review of my primary sources) as I spent time reading through my secondary sources to find the five which best suited the assignment. I researched reviews of the materials which were published in scholarly journals. I also spent time researching the authors of these reviews, making sure to only utilize the work of historians and those with some authority on the subject. I faced a slight issue with one of my sources which had no reviews. The source was published in 1932, so – being unable to find any then-contemporary peer-reviews – I instead used Google Scholar to search for any later works which referenced it. This search also yielded no results, leading me to the conclusion that the source material was not influential and did not significantly add to the existing historiography.

I have also been preparing the email I will be sending to the professor recommended to me during our recent one-on-one meetings. I had originally been planning to reach out later this last week but was ultimately unable to do so.

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