Research Update – Michael Trudeau

This week’s research was focused on building the historiography for class. Because of this, I did not do much with primary sources but instead evaluated my secondary sources. I found some new secondary sources dealing with Hugh Dowding’s defensive strategies that he used against the Luftwaffe’s air invasion but for the purposes of the historiography, I only evaluated what the sources I already had acquired had to say on the Dowding System implemented in the Battle of Britain. Most of my sources do greatly credit Hugh Dowding with victory in the battle. However, I did notice a trend with my sources over time that I will look more closely to as I continue to write the historiography. This trend is that my older sources seem to give Dowding more credit for the victory in the Battle of Britain than the more recently written sources. For instance, Asher Lee wrote on how the Dowding System was crucial in the beginning of modern air defense. However, this source was written in the 1950s and, therefore, the defense that he wrote about was not very modern by today’s standards. Meanwhile, Anthony Cumming wrote a piece in 2007 that does give Dowding some credit but also argues that the radar that was previously credited with the victory was not actually that advanced. I will have to look more closely to this trend before I determine where I stand on this matter. My next research steps will be to complete evaluating my secondary sources for the historiography and then to look for military records that can be used for primary sources in my paper.

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  1. Michael, Good way to see how historians have differed on their take here over time. This is exactly what the historiography assignment is supposed to help you do!

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