Research #5 Stephen White

During my research this week I continued to work on my outline, introduction paragraphs and my historiography. In my introduction I want to mention my choice on terminology that I have decided to utilize within this research paper. I’ve noticed that a large majority of historians mention their terminology in their works and I felt I should follow their examples, so I have worked on a paragraph outlining which type of terminology I will follow. One of the leading historians in Japanese-American internment is Roger Daniels and his article “Words Matter: A Note on Inappropriate Terminology and the Incarceration of the Japanese American” provided me with a solid templet, but I disagree on his choice of concentration camps, for that I have decided to use internment camps for reasons that will be stated within the introductory paragraphs.

In addition, I have narrowed my secondary sources that I will use in my historiography, although I won’t limit myself to these four sources, I am sure by the end I will have added more to this section of the paper. Although I haven’t finished my historiography I have finished two reviews of the four sources so far.


Finally, two new sources that I have gathered and partially reviewed are the graphic novel Citizen 13660 by Mine Okubo, this book provides a detailed memoir and insight to life within camps, with her illustrations that enhance the story. Another memoir I have found is Farewell to Manzanar, this book follows the Wakatsukis family during their experiences of internment.

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