Audrey Sorber Research Blog 5

This week, I have been researching more primary sources. Using the many of the secondary sources I have found, I have looked at the references used in them. Work and Family in Urban China: Women’s Changing Experience Since Mao by Jiping Zuo has provided many useful primary and secondary sources that I have been researching more into. Her sources have included both interviews and economic data that will be helpful in providing evidence for my paper. The Readings of Series of Important Speeches by the General Secretary of Xi Jinping written by Xi Jinping has provided more information on the economic plans and policies that went into effect in the Reform and Opening Period. In these speeches, Xi describes what the policies were originally intended to do. Also, “How to Correctly Assess Two 30-years Before and During the Reform” by Hong Mei has helped me to better understand the economics of the policies and what they both achieved and did not achieve. Reading this, especially alongside Xi Jinping’s speeches, has helped me to form a better background of the reasons for implementing the policies that were implemented and the long-term economic effects of them.

I have also kept working on my outline. This has helped me to better layout how I plan to write my paper, as well as helped me to find any holes in my research that I need to explore in order to have a thorough final paper. For example, I have started looking more into the feminist groups that campaigned against the policies and the effect that they had.


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