Research Blog #4 – Nathan Davis

Following my time in the special collections department of the library this week I was able to begin thinking more intensely on my primary sources. I was opened up to the immense amounts of possible materials that I had no idea were so accessible. The search guide on the special collections website has proven very helping in finding new primary source material including, but not limited to, government documents, news paper articles, and first hand accounts of construction and social/economic impacts. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have access to such a wide variety of primary sources.

I have also chosen to search for more primary sources within the footnotes of my secondary sources. This has also proven to be a very successful way of gathering material to base my claims off of. Because I spent so much time this week focusing on gathering more source material I wasn’t able to write a great deal, but I was able to continue the development of my introduction and opening arguments with the help of the outline provided in this course. The outline has proven to be a very helpful tool in gauging the amount of depth that my paper will need to go into. It has allowed me to understand the quantity of arguments that I will need to make in order to fulfill the word requirement without loosing myself and my audience in rambling and page filling words. Although I was unable to get more than two pages written this week I feel as though I made great strides in the structure of my paper to be and I plan on picking up the stall in writing this upcoming week to stay on track with the word count.

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