Research Blog #3 – Joseph Ganiszewski

This week I wrote a Research Proposal which helped solidify the direction I want to take my research. I have a “work-in-progress” thesis statement which I’ve developed by building from what I had initially written for my elevator pitch. The search for suitable sources has also aided in the development of this thesis.

As a part of this week’s Research Proposal I began considering the history of my topic’s history, which was something I found more challenging than I had expected. I’m not sure if it’s because I lack experience exploring historiographies, or because there isn’t much previous work looking into my specific topic. Although if the latter is the case, I suppose that an absence of content about a topic does speak volumes about the approach generally taken towards that topic. That said, I still feel that I simply haven’t found what I’m looking for yet and will continue my search for previous writings about my topic.

Last week I wrote about a source of mine that I had reservations towards using because it sported a publisher of questionable repute. This week I spent time looking into the sources cited in the book – which was essentially a collection of original texts – and found that several of these sources are available through Temple’s library services.

When I wasn’t working on the Research Proposal or looking into my questionable source, I was gathering other possible sources. The last time I counted I had a folder of bookmarks containing around twenty potential sources. I have begun evaluating about five of the secondary sources in earnest. And will discuss them in next week’s blog post. I have also identified several primary sources that I plan on using such as The Federalist Papers and George Washington’s Farewell Address.

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