Google’s sycamore declares quantum supremacy

In a recent race with IBM to become the first to quantum computing, Google declared that its quantum computer, Sycamore, became the first to solve a theoretical problem that no classic computer has ever been able to solve. In just under four minutes, Sycamore solved a random circuit sampling problem that would have taken a tradition computer 10,000 years to solve. To date, it is the first computation that can be solved only on a quantum computer.

IBM, however, is disputing the claim, stating that a traditional computer could actually do the computation in about two and a half days rather than 10,000 years. Although quantum supremacy is not very significant for everyday purposes at this point in time, it is an important step forward for research purposes in the future. Making quantum computing useful for everyday life would be the next step for quantum computers. Quantum computing would become useful in industries such as weather forecasting, pharmaceuticals, and AI.

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