Countries to start issuing digital currency

As our world continues to become more and more digitized, central banks around the world are responding to consumer’s needs to become a cashless society. With the introduction of online banking, mobile payments, and digital money in the past couple of years, experts say that digital currencies will be an inevitable part of our daily lives in the near future. In a recent report from IBM, authors stated that digital currencies will result in a diminished dark economy, increased financial inclusion, and decreased financial crime.

Some countries have already begun testing the possibility of a digital currency in their country. In Sweden, the central bank has introduced the e-krona, which is an equivalent to the cash in the country. They are one of the first countries to introduce this type of currency in Europe and are calling for more countries in the European Union to consider using digital currency in their own countries. Central banks are offering digital currency through blockchain technology and the future of digital currency seems to be right around the corner for many countries in the world.

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