Apple’s update crushes location based marketing

A few weeks ago, Apple released a new software update for all Apple devices, iOS13, along with the release of the new Iphone 11. This new update, among many other new features, came with the option for users to allow certain apps to use their location. When an app is opened for the first time after the new update, a notification appears on the screen asking the user if they want that app to have access to their Bluetooth. This allows apps access to your location in order to advertise specific products or services based on your location.

Apple released this new feature on its newest update to give its users control over which apps can have access to their location and to suspicious apps that stored users location for no clear reason. For example, apps such as the flashlight app and wallpaper apps were allowed to have access to users location with no obvious reason to do so. Users now have more control over who they want to have access to their location, but this new update is hurting companies such as Amazon and Best Buy as they now don’t automatically know their customers location in order to market to them. Customers would have to opt in to letting the app use their location, otherwise, these companies’ ability to target market is severely weakened.

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