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Hackers can trigger major blackouts and nuclear meltdowns

As technology has rapidly evolved over the past 20 years and has changed life as we know it, world governments are the latest to feel the impacts of recently developed technologies. Instead of engaging in physical warfare as countries did many years ago, hackers are now engaging in cyber warfare. Hackers now have the ability to target countries and do things such as wiping out their entire national grids and even cause their nuclear power plants to meltdown. For example, hackers were able to infect Iran’s nuclear power plants with malware that almost led to a meltdown.

This new form of cyberattacks has become a serious issue for foreign leaders, and they are already devising plans to respond to cyberattacks, should it happen to their countries. Great Britain, for example, has already devised a plan to wipe out Moscow’s power grid, should Russia decide to attack them first. There is much speculation, however, about which international laws should apply if cyberattacks were to happen. Because it could take weeks to pinpoint where a cyberattack came from and if a small group of hackers or a whole government committed the cyberattack, international law can be tricky. If a country’s government were responsible for a cyberattack against another country, then that country would have the right to respond and defend themselves. If it came from a small group of hackers, however, the affected country would not be able to defend themselves because another country didn’t attack them.

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