CAB Lab @ Temple University

Principle Investigator: Jason M Chein, Ph.D.

CAB Lab @ Temple University

Interested in what we do? Here are a few of the ways you can get involved

Projects listed under the “Participate” tab of the main menu are actively recruiting participants, and you can learn more about those studies by following the relevant project link.

We are almost always enrolling new subjects for one of our studies. If you and are interested in participating as a research subject in any of our work, you can email us at with the subject line “INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING” (include the study name if you know it). A team member will give you information about current enrollments and try to match you to a study that fits your preferences.

A research study can be anywhere from 1-4 hours long, and you can be paid for your time and your performance on the tasks.

Prospective graduate student

Our lab is likely to be accepting new students applying to our PhD program in Fall 2022. Incoming PhD students should apply directly to the Cognition and Neuroscience (C&N) program in the Department of Psychology, or contact Dr. Chein ( in advance if applying through one of our other program areas (e.g., Developmental, Social). In your personal statement, please be sure to emphasize your prior research experience and how your research interests fit within the scope of the work being done in the lab. Although there are no hard and fast rules about what makes an applicant stand out, we generally look for applicants who can generate ideas, work independently, teach others, and see projects through completion.

Not sure about a PhD? Temple also offers a MS in Neuroscience, and the lab welcomes opportunities to include students from this program in our research.

Undergraduate and Post-Bac Research

Our lab is highly supportive of providing undergraduate and post-baccalaureate research experience. We encourage students working in the lab to present their work at regional and national conferences, and to participate in manuscript publication. Although previous research experience is not required, we are generally looking for undergraduates who meet the following description:

  • Ambitious, dependable, self-motivated, and eager to learn independently
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in the lab for at least 10 hours/week for at least two semesters
  • High GPA (minimum 3.5) in psychology, neuroscience, and/or computer science
  • Familiarity with working with computers (computer programming is a plus, but not required)

If this sounds like you, please complete our online application. But, even if it doesn’t sound like you and you want to learn more, please indicate that on your application and we’ll see what we can do to work with you and help you learn more about research. We will keep your application on file and reach out to you when there’s an opening.

Contact Information

Cab Lab

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email: cablab@temple.eduEnto