The Interdisciplinary Engineering program leading to the BSE degree is a focused avocation that can provide a rewarding professional career. Post-graduate Engineering study leading to a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) BSE2or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) which continues within the Academic Concentrations or Study Plans are available. The Interdisciplinary Engineering program facilities graduate Engineering study because the requisite undergraduate courses for advanced courses have been completed.

Each Academic Concentration or Study Plan provides one or more Technical Electives that can enhance your career. There are many undergraduate course threads that could be considered and these should be discussed with the Director who must prior approve your choices.

The Academic Concentrations or Study Plans also require a requisite and two elective or requisite courses in Business and Management to enhance your career. This requirement is unique among the other undergraduate discipline Engineering programs. The suggested Business and Management courses are shown on the curriculum but could be modified with the prior approval of the Director. The Cyber Physical Security study plan requires two Management Information Systems courses.

The BSE degree is a recognized Engineering degree which permits the graduate to begin to qualify for the Profession Engineer (PE) license and membership in the professional societies such as the IEEE or ASME

For further information about the Bachelor of Science in Engineering contact the Director: Dr. Dennis Silage or the Center for Academic Advising and Student Affairs at the College of Engineering: or 215-204-7800.

For internships, career guidance and employment and graduate education opportunities contact the Director: Dr. Dennis Silage