The interdisciplinary Engineering Program leading to the BSE degree has Study Plans which provide the course sequences and the required courses. The course sequences in science and mathematics also have prerequisites that have to be followed. The Temple University GenEd courses have areas of intellectual pursuit and several courses in each area.

The engineering course sequences in each Plan of Study have prerequisites that also have to be followed but the Technical Electives available can be selected for an area of professional interest but again with the appropriate prerequisites.

The two additional Business Elective courses, in addition to ENGR 3301 Engineering Economics, can be selected from the approved courses except for the Cyber Physical Security study plan which has two requisite Management Information Systems courses.

Questions concerning standard course selection and academic guidance can be addressed to the Center for Academic Advising and Student Affairs at the College of Engineering: or 215-204-7800.

Questions concerning other approved business electives and the sequence of approved technical electives must be considered by the Director of the Engineering program: Dr. Dennis Silage

The Director also serves as the adviser for guidance about internships, employment and graduate education.