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Grl Power Project

The Grl Power Project was a mock organization put together for a final project. The concept was developed by myself and two other peers, but all of the graphics below were created by myself. The Grl Power Project’s main goals are to “Raise efficacy within the audience of 5-12 year-old females.  This is a social campaign that is designed to increase the number of STEAM representation within the female toy market.  Focusing on dolls such as American Girl Doll, Polly Pocket, and Barbie.”

Color Palette: Blue, Coral, and Lavender are all complimentary colors to one another. The purple adds a more feminine touch without being pink to help intrigue young girls

Logo Choice: GP^2 was the logo choice. P^2 was used to incorporate the STEAM message when Marketing the GRL POWER PROJECT.

Word Choice: The 4 adjectives were picked based on their ability to portray a message about the brand individually and even more so when put together
This is a sample for potential community events. The image is a marketing plan for a podcast targeted for moms to listen to and build a community off of. The thought process is that many girls look up to their mothers, so if they see their mothers engaging and supporting their goals of entering the STEAM world, they will be more inclined to stick with their STEAM classes and goals. This Podcast would be built as a roadmap for mothers who otherwise due not know how to fulfill these goals. This specific episode would feature one of the leading female empowerment and females in STEAM empowerment organizations, Goldie Blocks.

Previous Book Examples

This Project goal was to create an original creative final project related to any book, read during an Intellectual Heritage course. I chose Persepolis and chose to create a female empowerment and informational organization focusing on women in the Middle East, specifically Iran. The goal or the organization is to aid women who feel they are being oppressed. The organization understands that not all women feel as though the stricter laws equate to their oppression, but for the mass number of women who do feel they are losing their rights, his organizations goal is to aid in helping them to their personal freedom.


By: Marjane Satrapi

This is an infographic explaining the history or women’s rights in Iran. It also gives information about Iran to help those unfamiliar with the country familiarize themselves.

The decision to make the hijabed women faceless was to symbolize that this woman is anyone. There is no perfect standard or number of qualifications that need to be fulfilled to be “Persepolis.” This also further ties into “A Thousand Persepolis’.”

The image on the right (basket), is a sample for a fundraiser poster/social media post. The fundraiser is to send over feminine hygiene and other resources that woman in some nations cannot get without permission from their husbands. The idea is that when these boxes are sent over they will also contain hidden info pamphlets for women on self defense, independence, and resources for help.

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Weekend post showcasing the Brewery’s pretzel’s and hours.