Hot Dogs

A Categorical Claim: A Hot Dog is a Sandwich

Sandwiches are islands somewhere in the South Atlantic, but they are also an array of delicious combinations of foods that bring joy to the soul. Think of your childhood, if it was anything like mine, I am sure that it consisted of lots of sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, etc. All hand-held meals with bun, roll, or two or more pieces of bread. What all of these varying combinations have in common are their make-up, consisting of bread, meat, cheeses, vegetables, condiments, and other toppings. Sandwiches can be prepared in several different ways, depending on how the bread and its contents are prepared. Sandwiches can be hot, cold, room-temperature, and served open-faced or consumed in a hand-held manner.

A hot dog is a sandwich; if you think otherwise, well, then, I am sure there is a bunch more about which we can disagree. I am about to break it down for you. A hot dog consists of tubular meat made of pork or beef and a bread bun. I believe that it is called a “hot dog” because the tubular meat resembles a dachshund wiener dog, and the meat is grilled or boiled and consumed while the meat is still hot. People add their own unique combination of cheeses, vegetables, condiments, and other toppings. In most cases, like traditional sandwiches, hot dogs are consumed in a hand-held manner. SO, there.

Some may argue that a hot dog is not a sandwich because the meat is not flat, and to them, I say, “that’s a load of bologna!” To this, I argue the case of sausage sandwiches, which also consist of tubular meats. Some others offer that a taco is a sandwich.  However, I’m afraid I have to disagree because tacos have taco shells and tortillas- not bread. Tortillas and shells are not meant to be cut in a longitudinal and then cross-sectioned manner like bread. Therefore, they are their own category of food.

Overall, I believe that a hot dog is a sandwich. Let them be included in the world of sandwiches. They would be too lonely without the company that, for example, tacos and burritos can offer one another. Hot dogs deserve to be considered sandwiches because they already are pretty freaking weird, to begin with, let’s give them this break.

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