This free program is open to any and all music majors currently enrolled in music theory courses. Potential tutees will contact the coordinator and will then be paired with a peer for a maximum of two fifty-minute sessions per academic week. Sessions are based on a first come/first served basis and are tailored to each student’s needs. Student must have permission from their current music theory teacher and must meet with the department chair for approval before starting sessions. Students may request tutoring at any time during the semester.


Campus Location: Main


Full-Time/Part-Time Status: Students can be part-time. The student must, however, be actively enrolled in a music theory course and must major in music.


Required Enrolled Courses Include: MUST 1131, MUST 1132, MUST 1133, MUST 1134, MUST 1711, MUST 1712, MUST 1741, MUST 1742, MUST 1912, MUST 2131, MUST 2132, MUST 2133, MUST 2711, MUST 2712, MUST 2741, MUST 2742


Read a Temple News article written about the program here.


Ranking: Boyer College of Music and Dance has been ranked among the top 30 music schools in the country by U.S. News & World Report.