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L Farthing and B Kohl (2013), Mobilizing Memory: Bolivia’s Enduring Social Movements, Social Movement Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protest, DOI:


L Farthing and B Kohl (2012) Control Social, in Coca una Mirada Integral, Tomo III, Bolivia, G Reineike (ed.) Cochabamba: Puente Investigacion y Enlace

L Farthing and B Kohl, (2012) Supply Side Harm Reduction Strategies: Bolivia’s experiment with social control in limiting coca productionInternational Journal of Drug Policy

B Kohl and L Farthing (2013B Kohl & L Farthing Navigating Narrative: The Antinomies of ‘Mediated’ Testimonies Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology, 18(1) 90-107

Kohl and L Farthing (2012) “Material Constraints to Popular Imaginaries: The Extractive Economy and Resource Nationalism in Bolivia” Political Geography, 31 (4) 225-235

B Kohl and L Farthing, with F Muruchí (2011) From the mines to the streets: A Bolivian activist’s life, University of Texas Press: Austin

“Bolivia under Morales: National Agenda, Regional Challenges, and the Struggle for Hegemony” Latin American Perspectives, 37(4) 5-20, with R Bresnahan, 2010

“Social Control: Bolivia’s New Approach to Coca Reduction Latin American Perspectives, 37(4) 197-213, with L Farthing, 2010

“Bolivia under Morales: Consolidating Power, Initiating Decolonization” Latin American Perspectives, 37(3) 5-17, with R Bresnahan 2010

“Bolivia under Morales: A work in progress” Latin American Perspectives 37(3) 107-122, 2010

“‘Less Than Fully Satisfactory Development Outcomes’: International Financial Institutions and Social Unrest in Bolivia,” Latin American Perspectives, 36(3), 59-78, with L Farthing, 2009

Minero con poder de dinamita: la vida de un activista bolivano, Editores Plural: La Paz, F Muruchi, L Farthing, and B Kohl, 2009 (pdf del libro[here] pdf of book)

“New Spaces New Contests: Appropriating decentralization for political change in Bolivia,” with Linda Farthing, pp. 69-86, in Planning and Decentralization: Contested Spaces for Public Action in the Global South, Victoria Beard, Faranak Miraftab & Christopher Silver, eds. Routledge,  2008

Epilogue to Impasse in Bolivia, uncorrected draft in English for Spanish edition,  Plural, La Paz, 2007

Bumeran boliviano en Economia. Bumeran boliviano Hegemonia neoliberal y resistencia social, with Linda Farthing. La Paz: Plural Editores, marzo 2007. ISBN/Código: 51345960024.

Impasse in Bolivia: Neoliberal Hegemony and Popular Resistance, with Linda Farthing, Zed Press, London 2006

“Challenges to Neoliberal Hegemony in Bolivia,” Antipode, 38(2), 304-326, 2006

“Conflicting Agendas: the Politics of Development in Drug Producing Areas,” with Linda Farthing, Development Policy Review, March, 183-198, 2005

“Privatization Bolivian Style: A cautionary tale,” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 28(4) 2004 (Spanish translation [here] Versión en español.)

Juan Arbona and Ben Kohl, “La Paz-El Alto City Profile,” Cities, June 2004, 21(3) 255-265

“Democratizing Decentralization in Bolivia: The Law of Popular Participation,” Journal of Planning Education and Research, 23(2), 153-164, 2003

“Restructuring Citizenship in Bolivia: El Plan de Todos,” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 27(2), 337-351, 2003

“La restrucuraccion de la ciudadania en Bolivia: El Plan de Todos,” Revista de la Universidad Catolica “Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion” 22(1&2) 113-135, 2005

“Stabilizing Neoliberalism In Bolivia: Privatization and Participation in Bolivia,” Political Geography, 21(4), 449-472, 2002 (Versión en español aquí. [here] Spanish translation )

“The Price of Success: The Destruction of Coca and the Bolivian Economy,” NACLA, 34(7), 35-41, with Linda Farthing, 2001

“Bolivia’s New Wave of Protest,” NACLA, 34(5) 8-11, with Linda Farthing, 2001

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