Summer 2021 Opportunities

Bioengineering students at Temple University can choose to participate in a number of opportunities available in our department during the summers.

BioDesign Summer Clinical Immersion Internship

This 7 week paid internship offers students an opportunity to work with physicians, residents, and medical students to discover unmet clinical needs that can be addressed using engineering solutions. Follow link for more details. The application deadline for this program will be in March 2021, exact date to be announced.

Research with a Bioengineering Faculty

Students can volunteer in a Bioengineering Faculty’s research lab during the summer. Students should read the faculty bio’s in the link above and contact professors whose research interests them to inquire about availability.

Merit Scholarship Internship

Full-time Temple undergraduate students who were awarded a President’s Scholar Award when admitted may also apply for one $4,000 summer educational enhancement stipend while performing summer research in the BioE department. More details for the program are available in the link above. Research can be done with any of our faculty. A list of available projects is typically shared by the College of Engineering with eligible Merit Scholars or you may reach out to faculty whose research interests you. The university deadline for submitting requests is March 9.

Engineering Summer Research Program

The Engineering Summer Research Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students to gain research experience in the lab with College of Engineering faculty. The College of Engineering will be sponsoring up to 30 students to receive a $2,000 stipend for completing their summer research. The program will be available to all Engineering students of any discipline as long as you have a minimum GPA of 2.75. To receive the stipend, you will be required to work 300 hours in the lab during the summer as well as participate in a poster symposium. Information about Summer 2021 is yet to be posted.

CARAS Program

This program provides funding opportunities to encourage and support undergraduate students engaged in scholarly, creative, and research projects that contribute to advancing their field of study. The Creative Arts, Research And Scholarship (CARAS) Program has two types of grants. Research/Creative Project Grants provide undergraduate students grants of up to $4,000 in support of scholarly, research or creative arts projects undertaken with the supervision of a Temple faculty mentor.  Travel Grants provide funding support for undergraduate travel to conferences to present original research or creative work.  The maximum Project Grant award is $4,000; maximum Travel Grant award is $1,000. Students can apply for these awards in the Summer, Fall or Spring as per the information provided in the link above. The university deadline for submitting requests for summer funding is March 15.



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